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Alejandro is a Flemish Giant Rabbit mix, weighing in at a healthy 9.5 lbs, which is smaller than a pure bred Flemish giant! He had been found running around loose a little while after Easter. It is a common practice for people to get a baby bunny for Easter for their children. When that bunny outgrows the cage or hutch, or the child gets bored of it and stops taking care of it, the parents “free” the bunny at a nearby park. There it is likely to get hit by a car, eaten by a hawk, or attacked by a dog! We adopted him at about 1 year of age in 2016. He loves to binky (jump for joy, or frolic), explore, chew on things, and get petted. He adores Coraline, and shows it by snuggling and grooming her whenever she allows it. He is doing agility training and loves to jump through a hoop for treats!