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Does your little one have a birthday coming up? We can help make it the most memorable birthday yet! We will bring 4 or more of our amazing animals to your house or party location, where we will tell the attendees about the animals and give everyone a chance to touch each one. Children will delight in watching an animal roam around the room! While being entertained by the antics of the animals, they may even learn some fun facts about topics such as pet care, animal training, parental care, local wildlife, and the environment we share. You can choose which topic you want them to learn about most. Through the interactive presentation, the kids will have a blast acting like animals, and you'll learn more than

you thought you could at a birthday party! The birthday child will even get to have their picture taken while holding an exotic animal*, and will get a special gift! 


Presentation is for one hour, up to 30 participants. Additional adults are welcome to attend and watch. Can be held indoors or outdoors in warm weather. We always bring a variety of at least four animals, but we can bring an extra mystery animal for $50!


* Presenter will allow the birthday child to hold an animal at their sole discretion, depending on the situation at hand, to ensure the safety of the animal and child. If presenter decides that allowing the child to hold the animal is risky, the presenter will hold or position the animal next to the child for the photo. The camera and photographer are to be provided by the guardians of the child. All photos posted on social media by the participants must be attributed to "Curious Critters by Casai" or hash tagged as #curiouscrittersbycasai. 

Birthday Party Presentation is designed for a group of up to 30 participants for 1 hour, all for a low fee!

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