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Coraline is a 5 lb. mixed breed domestic rabbit. We adopted her at about 4 years of age in 2012. She had a history of chronic upper respiratory and ear infections. Her previous owners didn't treat her infections, and allowed them to get so bad that her right facial nerve was damaged. This means that her right ear, lips, and cheek are now paralyzed, and her cheek muscles are contracted, giving her a cute smirk. This doesn't seem to bother her at all, and she does all her normal bunny behaviors. The only differences are that she makes cute slurping noises when she drinks, she snores when she sleeps, and she listens to you with one ear forward! After we got her, she got infection after infection, which we treated, but couldn’t find the underlying cause. Eventually the vet figured out that she had a diseased tooth hidden in her molars, which could be harboring bacteria! After three surgeries, he was able to remove the tooth and the source of the infections. Now that she is healthy, she is so much happier! Her favorite activities are zooming around, chasing cats, eating, throwing her heavy dish around when it's empty, nibbling things that are in her way, and dancing for treats!