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Field Trips

Take your class on a hassle-free field trip to a nearby park, beach, pond, or wooded area, with our educator as your personal nature guide! We can do this in almost any open space, even one your class can walk to, because biodiversity abounds everywhere! Students will explore the details of the sights, sounds, feel, smell, and even taste of nature with a knowledgeable guide. Observing the interconnectedness of living things and the environment first hand, students will learn to identify and describe adaptations and structures of living things and their functions for survival. They will break into groups to measure and plot a transect in a habitat. In that study plot, they will identify and count all the living things they can find, recording their data. 

Tell us what grade level and Life Science or Earth Science topics or standards you'd like us to concentrate on, and we can tailor the content to your group! Program designed for a class of up to 35 students for 2 hours, all for a low fee!


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