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This is similar to a therapy dog program, but with many kinds of animals! We will bring 3 of our friendly animals to your community, where we will have an engaging discussion with the members and give everyone a chance to pet and bond with each animal. While being entertained by the antics of the critters, they can learn about different topics such as pet care, animal training, parental care, trauma, emotional intelligence, local wildlife, and environmental impact. You can choose the topics that are most relevant to your group. The animals will teach them more about themselves than they thought possible! 

Your community members who used to have a cat, rabbit, reptile, or other exotic pet will readily bond with our animals. Ones who haven't bonded with pets before will have the opportunity to learn to empathize with another species. The educator can give information and lend an empathetic ear, but is not a licensed therapist. Our animal friends do the therapy and healing just by being themselves and interacting with people! These are great programs to do regularly, such as once/week, with troubled youth or the elderly. This allows members to develop relationships with the animals, get more comfortable with them, and share their own stories.  

Program designed for up to 30 participants for 1 hour. Program fees range from 100-300, depending on distance and content. We give discounts for multiple or recurring programs! Inquire about exact fee here!


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