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Video and Photo Shoots

Do you want a unique photo booth for your event? Are you a photographer? Do you film commercials, TV, or movies? You could include our live exotic animals in your pictures! 

An animal handler will bring a critter or two of your choice to have your models pose with. Depending upon the animal, they might even be able to hold the animal for the photos! Imagine your models holding a 7 foot boa!


If you're having a party, fair, or similar event, we can set up a photo booth so that your attendees can get pics of themselves posing with an animal! We will handle the booth, backdrop, basic lighting, and animal handling. Animal handler can not be a photographer. You can provide your own camera and photographer, or we can provide a professional photographer with camera for an additional fee. 

For video shoots, we often can accommodate requests for an animal doing a specific behavior or posing/moving in a certain way. Some of our animals are trained, so for example, if you want a bunny to hop across the screen and jump in a basket, we can probably make that happen, so just ask us! 

Contact us to discuss animal options, details, and pricing. 

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