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Trogdor is a Green Iguana, born in 2010, and already full size at 6 feet long, including his tail! He's a very handsome male with large sub-tympanic shields, and a lot of spikes along his back. His first owner didn't give him the proper UVA and UVB lights, which led to him developing metabolic bone disease, a common issue in pet iguanas. After being painstakingly rehabilitated and regaining his health, he grew like a weed! You may notice that his jaw is misaligned as a result of the MBD. This is not much of a problem, except that while sleeping his mouth falls open so that the tip of his tongue hangs out! He loves to get misted, get scratches from his human caretakers, and eat a nice salad. When the weather is warm he also loves to go outside for walks and to soak up the sun!